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3 Offensive Players That Stood Out In Bourbonnais 7/28/19

Offseason moves and OTA's can only do so much for a die-hard football fan. The phrase "you won't know until the pads come on," is one of those cliches that is so damn true. There are countless examples of players that look great in shorts and disappear after the hitting starts(*coughing* Kevin White). On Sunday, the Bears were in full pads for the first time in 2019, which means football is officially back. During Sunday's practice, three offensive players stood out amongst the rest.

1. David Montgomery

It's only fair I start with Montgomery. Coach Nagy and Mitchell Trubisky have both stated how eager Montgomery has been to get the pads on and Montgomery showed he wasn't lying. Montgomery ran against the first-team defense and was effective in getting into the second-level. He has a burst that Bears fans will notice after his first carry. It seems like he goes from a few yards behind the line of scrimmage to the second level in an instant. Nagy has given Montgomery's vision high praise since the draft, and it's already visible. The term contact balance has also been used to describe Montgomery, but what I found most impressive was his power-on-contact. Even at a dead stop, he can coil up and deliver a blow. He didn't have a perfect day, and he fumbled, but it's only day one. In my opinion, he is head and shoulders above Mike Davis and should only come off of the field if he needs a breather. Montgomery has a special kind of burst and will posterize people if they don't wrap him up.

2. Javon Wims

Javon "Juice" Wims was drafted last year in the seventh round. He had an impressive 2018 pre-season and made a few clutch catches against Minnesota when the Bears knocked them out of the playoffs. He has been going against the first-team defense and holds his own against Prince Amukamara. His large frame gives him the ability to box defenders out, giving them a more difficult path to the ball. Wims was targeted a lot on Sunday and hauled in most of his targets. Trubisky and Wims look like their building chemistry, and Mitchell looks like he is comfortable throwing him the ball in 3rd down situations. That alone should cement his spot on the roster, but you never know. There have been rumors that the Bears could cut/trade him, but I find it hard to believe. It would be downright criminal to just cut him. Also, Wims's trade value has risen in the eyes of the Bears, and I don't know if the rest of the league has seen enough to value him the same way. In my opinion, Wims is worth a 4th rounder, and the Bears shouldn't settle for anything less than a fifth if they did part with him. Wims is taking advantage of every chance he gets and deserves to be on the 53 man roster. At the least, he will be a solid possession receiver.

3. Allen Robinson

Allen Robinson is almost two years removed from his ACL injury and looks primed to have his best season yet. There is no doubt he is the best receiver on the team. Robinson and Trubisky were building a rapport throughout the 2018 season, and it looks like they're fully in sync. Robinson was making highlight-reel catches down the sidelines all day at Sunday's practice. It's easy for Trubisky to trust such a polished, sure-handed receiver. Robinson's hands are so good he has yet to drop a pass this offseason. Nagy says the offense won't ever run through one guy, but I think Robinson will get his targets every week. He runs great routes, gets YAC, and goes up to get the ball in double coverage. When things break down, I think Mitch will be more willing to chuck it up in Robinson's direction. He should get the most targets in 2019, so if you see him sliding in your fantasy draft, take a flyer on him.

Overall, the offense looks like it took a step forward, but they still don't look like a finished product. Trubisky was extremely accurate during 7 on 7, but during 11 on 11, the pass rush exposed some weaknesses. Mitchell pulled the ball down and ran more than I would have liked to see. I am not saying he hasn't progressed. He will be more accurate this year and has more command of the offense. All I am saying is be patient. It looks like he is still taking baby steps. The wideouts around Mitch keep getting better, and it looks like Montgomery will be a coverage-dictator. Hopefully, it will all help Trubisky take that next step.


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