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After hearing the press conferences at the NFL Annual Coaches meeting in Phoenix this past week, it's clear that Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace have sparked a bro-mance. While on the Hoge and Jahns Podcast, Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy told us how they hit it off right away! When Nagy was asked how much he and Pace hung out, he responded with: "Well, it's a lot but it's good though, ya know? We don’t live far away from each other so that part is nice, Ryan kinda steered me in his direction to his area; and our wives get along really well, which is, that's huge to have that. But ya know what Adam? To tell you the truth, I knew it was gonna be that way in that first interview. When he interviewed me that day, later that night he flew Stephanie in town and our wives got to meet, and we just had an instant connection. And ya know the best part about it is, he’s real, he’s honest, there's no agenda, there's no ego, there's no power trip, none of that. I think people talk about us being a Yin and Yang and we off-set each other really well, that's why it makes it so easy, and he’s just a good person, and I like being around him."

Throughout the 2018 season, the two preached a shared vision, and they were relaxed and enjoying themselves during the coaches' meetings. Also, it cannot be stressed enough that their wives get along, now they have permission to be best friends.

Pace and Nagy are both transparent with the media and answer questions about similar players in the same tone, which shows you they are agreeing on evaluations. When asked about Cordarrelle Patterson, both explained they understand the type of player he is, and they need to be creative to maximize his production. They both said they consult one another frequently when evaluating and overall are willing to look past some of the detail-oriented problems Patterson has, and have an arc on how he will be used as a returner and offensive specialist.

On the Hoge and Jahns Podcast they were also asked about the new Bitmoji's that they have, and Pace responded with: "I mean we're always texting back and forth, it's to the point now when we're watching video, we'll film a play and send that clip back and forth. So there's pretty much constant dialogue all the time between us, it's just natural like Matt said. I think it's funny when you go back and look at our backgrounds too, how we grew up, where we came from; there's so many commonalities, which just makes us a lot alike, and so it's just easy."

These two are friends; their wives are friends; they see eye to eye on players; they claim to be the Yin to the other's Yang; they communicate. Man it feels good to be a Bears fan! Any good organization starts at the top; less drama in the front office leads to less drama with the players. So far, that has proven to be true.

-Lucas Perfetti


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