• Lucas Perfetti

David Montgomery Wants to "Prove All the People Wrong"

The Chicago Bears just aired their latest episode of Meet the Rookies, featuring David Montgomery. It dove into the hardships Montgomery faced throughout his life growing up in Cincinnati. Montgomery is remarkable for overcoming the obstacles life has presented him while still having a positive outlook. The video confirms all of the previous reports of Montgomery's work ethic and character. What I found most interesting is what his high school coach Arvie Crouch says about Montgomery. He says " David's old school when it comes to being a loyal person to the people that are good to him," and went on to say "he'll do everything he can to make the Chicago community better."

There have been so many draft picks with off the field issues, and then there are players like David Montgomery. My favorite story about the rookie is one his college coach, Matt Campbell, tells. David Montgomery called him late at night after a loss, and Campbell thought he was in trouble. It turns out he was so upset he went to the facility to watch the game film. He just needed a password. It sounds like he fits right in with Matt Nagy's "be obsessed to be the best," slogan. It still baffles me that Montgomery fell as far as he did in the draft. He is an Eagle Scout off the field and produced in college. He had back to back 1000+ yard rushing seasons at Iowa St. behind a sub-par offensive line. He also managed to average 4.7 yards during his career as a Cyclone breaking an NCAA record for forced missed tackles in the process. In 2018 Montgomery made 109 guys miss with only 257 attempts. It all sounds promising now, but the Bears will have to wait to find out if the production on the field translates.

The only thing the Bears already know about Montgomery is that he's a worker. He has been impressive throughout OTA's, making noteworthy snags in practice. The old cliche "you don't know until the pads come on," does reign true, but it feels like the Bears got a good player and a better man. Montgomery said he wants to "shock the world, and prove all the people wrong." Bears fans hope he can, it would be one step closer to a Super Bowl.


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