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Dissecting the "Bad"--Every Mitchell Trubisky Incompletion from the Broncos Game

Two games have passed, and an overwhelming amount of Bears fans are disappointed that Mitchell Trubisky isn't putting up the numbers other young quarterbacks are. Everyone expects him to be in 202 of the offense, but some people seem to think that means he should be an MVP candidate. Trubisky is far from that right now, but he has the potential to get there. Below is a video of every incompletion (including penalty plays) Mitch Trubisky threw against the Broncos on 9/15/19. Underneath that is a quick breakdown for each play.

I am putting an X by every bad throw and a Y by acceptable throws.


Trubisky could have placed the ball a little better, but it hit Cohen in the “breadbasket,” and the defender made a play. Cohen needs to catch that ball. Y


A-Rod 12 yd come back and the only bread and butter passing play thus far. We've seen him hit the throw countless times, but Fangio had his man prepared. The defender makes a great break on the ball, and it's the first time I’ve seen a defender with his head defending that play. The ball placement could have been better, but still a decent throw. Y


Classic Mitch Trubisky overthrow. He's good for a couple of them every game. Sees his man, and lofts it. Calm down, Mitchell. X


Montgomery has a man going stride for stride with him. Some see it as an overthrow, and others see it as a calculated throw away (he doesn’t put it out of play, the receiver has a small chance, but the defender has no chance to make a play). I see this as an overthrow. He has another open receiver underneath and misses on the long ball. X


The Pressure gets to Trubisky, and he tries to avoid Chubb’s hand to get it to Cohen, but it came out extra ugly. X


Mike Davis gets held at the line. Mitch is going through his progressions and makes it back to Davis. It's clearly a dropped pass. The defender gets a defensive holding penalty, and the play results in a first down. Y


It is obviously a screen, but Daniels seems to be the only one to know that. Montgomery gets held on the play(not called). Mitch throws it slightly out of reach, but if the defender wasn’t holding onto Monty’s arm, the throw is on target. Y


Defensive holding gets called on Mitchell's first read. Mitchell moves his feet and reads the field, trying to make something happen. He sees defender with his back turned to Burton and uses his free play going for the TD. Y


When the ball is released, Braunecker has a step on his man. The defender makes a play on the ball. Y


Not the greatest ball placement, but Burton is one of the highest-paid skill players on the offense. You expect him to make that catch. Y


Mitchell skips an open receiver underneath(3rd down and Cohen wasn't past the first down marker), misplaces the ball and overthrows Robinson. X


Ill let coach explain. Y


It seems like a clear and obvious drop, but Cohen was looking for the ball on his outside shoulder. It was the last drive of the game, and the ball had to be on Cohen's outside shoulder, leading him out of bounds. Nagy said it was a drop in his presser, but Cohen had to flip his body to make a catch. It was better he dropped the ball. There wasn't much time left in the game, and they only had one time out left. X

Out of all the incompletions, eight were acceptable throws, and five were just flat out bad. My question is, how many bad throws is a QB allowed? He has moved on from the "tuck and run" identity and is seeing the field better, but he is still missing throws. Some of his misses are game-changing plays if he makes the throw. I didn't show his completions, because no one wants to point out the good. I wanted to see how bad the "bad" really was. Right now, he is under a microscope, and he will get no credit unless he plays lights out every week.


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