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HAHA- Bear's Win the Safety Battle

When the new league year began, the Green Bay Packers made it official and signed Adrian Amos to a 4 year $37 million dollar contract. Amos's signing with the enemy did not come without animosity; he posted this screen shot of a DM (pictured). Amos responds to the fan base in his story "Dag this how yaw get down chi?" This fan made themself look horrible, and also reflected the city in a poor manner. Social media has given us the double edged sword of being able to connect with people that we wouldn't have otherwise been able to reach. Unfortunately for Amos and the respectable parts of the Chicago Bears fan-base, this fan was able to reach him. If utilized properly the Social Media networking and marketing possibilities are endless. But it's also been shown to be a platform for people to share opinions that they would never share with someone in person, most likely because they would end up getting slapped.

After Amos signed, Pro Football Focus rated it as the best value player due to his consistency at the position and the amount of the contract. He was rated as the 8th highest safety in 2018 but was tied for 2nd in 2017. He is also the 11th highest paid safety in the league. The conclusion was drawn because Amos is a potential top 5 safety that doesn't miss much playing time, for less than top ten money. That creates a case worth looking into.

One thing I must notate is the fact that former defensive coordinator and new head coach of the Broncos, Vic Fangio, did not make a move for Amos. It was heavily speculated that Amos would bring some familiarity to his new defense in Denver, and they would sign him. Denver didn't feel it was necessary to allocate as much money to Amos and was willing get out of negotiations early, as was Chicago. This tells you that the people closest to him clearly did not feel that the juice was worth the squeeze, whereas the Packers did. Green Bay also made a move for Kyle Fuller last off-season when he was on the transition tag and Pace was not letting him go. It's strange that the Packers are consistently trying to dip into our secondary, but Pace let Amos walk and didn't blink.

Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix (former Packer and Redskin), was promptly brought in to Halas Hall to be wined and dined at the start of the league year. Eddie Jackson, a former Alabama teammate, wanted to help recruit Dix to Chicago the same way Dix helped recruit Jackson to Alabama. Dix was an upperclassman when Jackson played for the Tide but they still did share snaps in the defensive backfield together. Dix was given a PFF grading of 79.3 in 2018, less than two points shy of Amos. After the trade to Washington, and being inserted into a better secondary, his grade shot up to 83 - better then Amos. One could assume that Amos had a little room for error, working in a secondary with two all pro's. It won't be the same situation in Green Bay. Dix was offered a higher contract by the Redskins but ultimately made the right decision signing with the Bears, earning $3.5 million for the 2019 season and re-uniting with a former teammate.

When re-evaluating PFF's premature article, look to the facts. Amos has missed 3 games, Dix has missed 0. Amos is getting paid $8.5 mil a year, Dix $3.5 mil. Amos didn't walk away from a higher offer from his former team, Dix did. Amos has never made a pro bowl, Dix has. Amos's BEST season (2018) he recorded 73 tackles, 2 int, 9 passes defended, 1 sack, and 2 tackles for loss. In Dix's WORST season (2017) he recorded 79 tackles, 3 int, 6 passes defended, and 2 tackles for loss. Amos's best statistical season is comparable to Dix's worst.

The writing is on the wall and in this remake of Freaky Friday, the Bears win the safety switch. The Bears were able to hang back and get the best value of this years safety class, and still have a little breathing room to do more. Most of the holes have been filled, so the draft is wide open.

-Lucas Perfetti


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