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Nagy's Swag Meter Takes a Dip After Using A GOAT, As A Scape-Goat

I want to preface this article by saying, I have been Matt Nagy's biggest fan. When I do criticize the Chicago Bears, I make sure it is constructive. Rarely will you see me publish an article like this one, but Nagy crossed the line.

It was clear that Matt Nagy and his offense underperformed on Thursday Night against the Packers. At no point did Matt Nagy deny fault in the loss, but he said something in a press conference that struck a chord with all of Chicago.

This press conference was on Friday morning, a day after the game. It would be easier to understand if he made the statement in the heat of the moment, during a post-game press conference, but it wasn't. He had a full day to sleep on it. If you listen to the clip closely, while Nagy is listening to the question he gives a deer in headlights type of look, and a reporter whispers what sounds like "he's stuck," twice. The look on Nagy's face tells me he didn't anticipate the question, but still, the statement wasn't necessary.

Nagy could have said anything other than that, and it would have been less criticized. The one thing I have praised Nagy on since the start of his career has been the installation of culture. He has made a point to educate all incoming players on the history of the Chicago Bears. He even wore the Papa Bear fedora into Soldier Field on Thursday. My biggest critique of Nagy has been the consistency of his play calling. The winning culture he brought made up for it, but when you make a comment disrespecting 34, it negates some of that culture. He gets the "guru" label, but I have a couple of issues with that. A genius will develop a playbook around his personnel, which he didn't do with Jordan Howard. Howard was a format-able back, and Nagy was unable, or unwilling to adjust. I'm not saying Montgomery isn't an upgrade. Nagy just isn't allowed to used Howard's inabilities as a scapegoat this year. Also, a genius can take the complex and make it simple, which he hasn't been able to prove thus far. I understand the advantage you're given when interchanging personnel and formations, but when it leads to multiple delay-of-game penalties, it then becomes a disadvantage. I'm not saying Nagy isn't an offensive innovator or a good Head Coach. Matt Nagy, please, can you just dumb it down a little bit? It's okay to find a play that the defense has trouble stopping, and run it until they adjust.

This article was not meant to be an indictment of Matt Nagy. His positives far outweigh his negatives. All I'm saying is, if you have trouble running the ball, don't throw an all-time great under the bus. You called a bad game, your offense was unprepared, and that's the bottom line.


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